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Northeastern, WI Deck Cleaning


Water can become your worst nightmare when it comes to your deck. You run the risk of having your wooden deck becoming permanently damaged. Once a wooden deck becomes covered in mildew, it will start to rot and deteriorate which can end up costing you a lot to replace. Deck cleaning in Northeast, Wisconsin will prevent this and other problems from happening. Pressure Clean LLC is the company you need to make it strong and longer lasting. The more that we neglect our decks; the worse they become. Have yours cleaned by our professionals today and see how great your deck was meant to look. We will make your fall back in love with your deck once again.


Decks as a Source of Outdoor Entertainment


Outdoor decks can add to your outdoor activities as they are wonderful places to entertain. But if your deck has not been cleaned in a while, it will remain looking like it is older than it actually is. Deep cleaning restoration will help keep it looking newer and more durable.


Sun & Water Damage


When your deck becomes dry and gray from sun and water damage, it does not seem very inviting and you may not find yourself using it as much as you once did. With our low pressure deck restoration service at Pressure Clean LLC , our technicians  will bring your wood deck back to its natural color, making for a more attractive place to spend family time. Restoring the natural beauty of your deck takes the efforts of certified handymen like the ones you'll find with us.


Restoring Your Deck's Natural Beauty


Our restoration service returns your wood deck to its natural beauty; we can protect it from future sun, rain, and mildew damage. Especially in Wisconsin where the snow and rain play the biggest part in drying out wood decks and furniture causing cracks and splinters. Our non-drying, deep penetrating, highly pigmented deck stains will help keep your wood looking beautiful and splinter free!

Benefits of a Deck Cleaning

  • No splinters

  • Improves quality of deck

  • Increases the resell value of property


Getting the Right Cleaning Contractor

For a majority of homeowners, the deck is an extension of the interior that can be enjoyed all times of the year. A deck can be a functional add-on that makes life easier as you can entertain on them with family and friends as Big Green Men can provide you with:

  • Expert advice

  • Equipped with proper tools and machinery

  • Has an established reputation

  • Are versatile handymen


You can have a professional cleaning just by calling Pressure Clean LLC. You owe it to yourself and your family to have a better looking deck all times of the year, not just summer. We will make the necessary improvements for a deck that is going to last. Call us today and have a deck that you can now be proud of.

Deck Cleaning & Restoration

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